Aarhus is grateful to be among the ten finalists in the iCapital Award competition 2017. We send our congratulations to Paris, Tallin, and Tel Aviv.

In Aarhus everyone is united in building a smarter tomorrow. We try to break down silos through co-created policies and experimentation in urban & cultural testbeds. We believe that true innovation is about people and the ecosystem that connects them. We work for strong collaborations, active engagement, openness and accessibility.

– Aarhus consists of knowledge institutions, businesses, citizens and the municipality – and the close relationship and cooperation between them, is what makes us a strong, innovative city. Being an iCapital2017 finalist is a great acknowledgement of the cooperative work in the city. We can all be very proud of the way we manage to work together. – Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard.

In Aarhus the innovative way of thinking is a common responsibility, and the city tries to create an innovative mindset on all levels – from the young children to the elderly citizens.

– It is fantastic that Aarhus has been in the race for this fine award. Innovation is an important agenda within the Municipality of Aarhus. It is absolutely necessary for our welfare society that we constantly have a focus on being smarter. It is vital if we also in the years to come should be able to help the citizens in need – Alderman for Culture and Citizens’ Services Rabih Azad-Ahmad.


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Innovation & Co-creation


Open Innovation, Open Source, Open Governance, Open Knowledge, and Open Data is something Aarhus truly believes in. This level of openness in Aarhus enables citizens, companies, research institutions, government, other cities, and other stakeholders to contribute and give insights to the process of developing innovative services, products, projects, and strategies…

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From having a focus on participatory design, user-driven innovation, collaborative innovation and design thinking, Aarhus is strong in using co-creation in innovative processes. The city’s focus on engagement, active citizenship and collaboration is a core of the way Aarhus works. City development, policy development, service development – Aarhus engages stakeholders…

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Aarhus is growing. There is a strong focus on the future, a concrete set of goals and a continuous focus on experimenting and improving. Guided by a Quadruple Helix Model the approach to municipal innovation calls for academia, businesses and citizens to help reach the city goals, to formulate policy,…

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