Destination AARhus is a unique business network established in 2017. The network consists of 13 large companies and a close collaboration with Aarhus municipality, Central Denmark Region and Aarhus University.

The aim is to show that Greater Aarhus is an attractive destination for international IT talents to live and unleash their career. After recognizing a common challenge across the companies, CEO’s and CIO’s from the respective companies decided to join forces and face the challenge together, rather than competing with each other. The intention is not to create a new Silicon Valley or try to outrun Copenhagen as the capital of Denmark, but the ambition is to expose the great opportunities Greater Aarhus offers. Both as a nice place to live and enjoy the famous work-life balance, but especially as an area of many interesting and internationally known Danish companies working with the most updated technologies.

One of the great advantages in Aarhus, and further one of the reasons for the establishment of this business network, is the close collaboration with the decision makers. Destination AARhus is a project that started with, and is run by, the initiative from within and across the companies and the unique network that exists within the IT industry in Greater Aarhus is the fundament of the community. Through the business network the companies collaborate on talent attraction and retaining, which encompass sharing talents amongst each other. Since the business network was founded last year, there have been examples of sharing IT talents across the companies, which is unique for the network. Furthermore, Destination AARhus has established a HR network across the companies where a common strategy on global attraction is discussed and to be executed through the business network. This has resulted in establishing an ambassador network consisting of international employees, who will help telling their story about living in Greater Aarhus and working within the IT industry together with our partner companies.

Altogether, Destination AARhus is a business network where competitors have joined forced. While they compete on the market, they have realized the advantages in collaborating on a shared mission: attracting IT talent to Greater Aarhus to prepare for the work today and tomorrow.