Imagine a city where the distance between people gets smaller, even as the city itself continues to expand. A city where the politicians invite every stakeholder in the city to co-create policies and where the municipality work hand in hand with academia, companies and citizens to reach city goals. A city where innovation is a shared effort.

A city that focuses on technological infrastructures and knowledge. Digitisation and new technology supports the development of a better and more sustainable city, a better welfare and great possibilities for startups and companies.

A city where grassroots and cultural institutions have a strong saying in the development of and experimenting with city spaces and where culture and the use of culture for city improvement have a high priority, because it makes the city a better place to live in. A city being the European Capital of Culture 2017 under the title “RETHINK”.

A city with a high skilled international population and several knowledge hubs. A city with a global top 100 university.

A city where a third of its citizens are doing volunteer work and titled European Volunteering Capital 2018. A city where close collaborations support social innovation and realisation of ideas. A city chosen to be the national testbed for sharing economy solutions.

A national and international front running city when it comes to e.g. Smart City initiatives, welfare innovation and library and citizens’ services development.

A city with the world’s best public library 2016 and a task to create global library development. That city is Aarhus. A port city dating back to viking times with a rich heritage for innovation, education and collaboration. A city where experiments with social models and innovation, combined with an unwavering focus on everyday quality of life have contributed to making our citizens the happiest in the world for several years running.