#AARsome is an independent grassroots initiative supported by the municipality of Aarhus. We believe that a strengthening of the startup ecosystem and the startup community can create a range of opportunities for the scalable startups that choose Aarhus because it is not only a great place to build a business and find untapped talent within the tech world, it is also a great place to live.

True magic happens when ideas crash together and collaborations are born and by supporting the community we support the future prosperity of Aarhus.

Run by different stakeholders and volunteers we host anything from small, informal get togethers to large ’Townhalls’, where we show of both the best and brightest startups as well as the up-and-comming startups that we expect a lot from. The events create a stage to show off the startups talent of Aarhus, as well as a place for investors to meet startups at all stages of their journey.

Get more information on #AARsome, the startups scene of Aarhus and upcoming events by writing Project Lead Katja Meyer – katja@aarsome.com.